1. foxesinbreeches:

    Zena Ve Svetle (Women in Light) by František Drtikol




  3. alongtimealone:

    stuart shils

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  4. ashley blanton

    Larval, Leaving, pen, gouache, and photo transfer collage on altered book page


  5. calumet412:

    Untitled, 1970, Chicago. Wayne Sorce.

    Reminds me of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, which of course can be seen at the Art Institute.

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  6. darren waterston


  7. Bohumil Kröhn


  8. Yashima Gakutei. Japanese (1786 - 1868). Nightingale on a Plum Tree, Edo period, circa 1830


  9. thombeau:

    filigree and shadow




  10. thombeau

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