1. i12bent:

    One of the top artists on OF has always been Mel Bochner (b. Aug. 23, 1940). Last year’s Mel received virtually no attention from our so-called followers, so here’s your second chance - and if you don’t like it, you can go here to see what Mel and I think of you…

    Above: Language Is Not Transparent, 1999 - oil on paper


  2. Edouard Boubat, Leila, Bretagne, 1947

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  3. hierarchical-aestheticism:

    Richard Müller, Meditation, 1900

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  4. 3wings:

    African Grey Parrot– Psittacua erithacus
    Henry Horenstein

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  5. mzteeeyed:


    Another of Yousuf Karsh’s sublime photos

    Elixir, 1938 - Bibliothèque et Archives Canada


  6. kansuke yamamoto


  7. stefan krauss

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  8. stefan krauss

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  9. hsaptus:

    “It’s urgent-love.
    It’s urgent- a boat upon the sea.

    It’s urgent to destroy certain words,
    hate, solitude, and cruelty,
    some mornings,
    many swords.

    It’s urgent to invent a joyfulness,
    multiply kisses and cornfields,
    discover roses and rivers
    and glistening mornings- it’s urgent.

    Silence and an impure light fall upon our shoulders till they ache.
    It’s urgent- love, it’s urgent
    to endure.” 
    ― Eugénio de Andrade, Forbidden Words: Selected Poetry

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  10. stefan krauss

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