1. metaphorformetaphor:

    For today, I will memorize
    the two trees now in end-of-summer light

    and the drifts of wood asters as the yard slopes away toward
    the black pond, blue

    in the clouds that shine and float there, as if risen

    from the bottom, unbidden. Now, just over the fern—
    quick—a glimpse of…


  2. yama-bato:

    Xavier Roy

    Ombre des pins parasols sur la Citadelle. Saint-Tropez 2000



  3. flaviobelli:

    Richard, 1972



  5. zzzze:

    Florence Henri
    Portrait, 1928

    (via iznogoodgood)


  6. man ray

    Lee miller portrait, 1930


  7. man ray

    neck, 1930


  8. huang xiaoliang


  9. yamamoto masao


  10. arabamolsamontgiymezdim:

    Simone Barbagallo